Obviel DocumentationΒΆ

Want to learn Obviel or just look something up? Obviel has extensive documentation:

  • Obviel core manual. Learn about how to create views and render them.
  • Obviel Templates. Some things are verbose in JavaScript and for that we want to use templates. Obviel’s template language integrates with Obviel core.
  • i18n support. Obviel offers an extensive i18n system for client-side JavaScript applications.
  • i18n in Obviel Templates. How to mark up your templates so that they play nice with the i18n system.
  • Obviel Forms. Obviel’s form library constructs forms for you and also does client-side validation. The form loads and submits data as JSON.
  • the Traject routing library. Route to objects and construct paths for objects using this routing library. This lets you integrate browser bookmarking and history into your single-page web application.
  • Fanstatic integration. If you use Fanstatic to publish your JavaScript resources to the web, we have support.
  • API documentation.
  • demo code will help!

Here is a full table of contents: