Obviel: Object/View/Element for JavaScript

Obviel is a model/view abstraction for JavaScript that helps you improve the structure of your jQuery-based JavaScript applications.

What is Obviel all about?


Obviel builds on JSON. Without insanely nested callback functions everywhere!

Versatile but unobtrustive

Obviel is powerful. Obviel is also small. If you already know jQuery, you just have to learn about Obviel’s render method and you will be almost there already!

Supports true REST development patterns

We don’t just say that REST is cool and go through the motions. An Obviel-based app can start with a single URL and find out about the rest of your application’s URLs by following hyperlinks in JSON. And that’s RESTful.

Loose coupling between client code and server code

Because of REST, your server and client code become loosely coupled. Imagine changing your server code and having your client UI adjust itself without changing a line on the client? With a well-designed Obviel app, this is often possible!

Client-side templating

If you’re going to build a rich client-side application, why not use a client-side templating engine? Obviel has an integrated (but optional) template language that features sub-view rendering and i18n support.

Internationalization support

It should be possible to create a single Web UI for multiple languages. Obviel has powerful gettext-based internationalization (i18n) support for both JavaScript (using jsgettext) and templates.

Form library

Besides Obviel core, we also include a powerful client-side form library based on Obviel core. Describe your form using JSON structures. Get your form data as JSON. Use composite and repeating fields with ease!

Routing with Traject

Obviel also contains an easy to use but powerful routing library called Traject, which can be used to resolve paths to objects and the inverse: construct paths for objects. With Traject you can make dynamic single-page user interfaces that work with hyperlinks and the browser back button.

Learning more

Obviel has extensive documentation.

Look at a quick overview of Obviel features

Read the Obviel core manual.

Read about Obviel Templates.

Read about Obviel Forms.

Read about the Traject routing library.

You have a project and now you want to internationalize it (i18n). Obviel has extensive i18n support.

We also have API documentation.

Confused? Maybe demo code will help!

We offer some integration with external systems.

Questions? Comments? Join the Obviel community!

Want to hack on Obviel? Here are some useful notes on development.

Review the table of contents.

Download Obviel

Download Obviel! See also the changelog.