1.0b (2012-05-31)

  • Added Obviel Template language implementation. This replaces JSON-Template as Obviel’s preferred template language. Obviel Forms makes use of it internally. Obviel Template supports features such as sub-views and i18n. See the Obviel Template documentation for more detail.
  • i18n documentation: how to do i18n with Obviel.
  • Added Traject library. This library allows routing of paths to objects and the inverse: constructing paths for objects. See the Traject documentation for more detail.
  • Added transformer hook. This allows Obviel to transform content it retrieves from the server using URLs and hyperlinks.
  • Added object_events structure, allowing you to declare events on the object the view is rendering. Also introduce rerender method on view.
  • Added before hook to views. You can now pass a before function when configuring a view. This function will be called before rendering (including before template rendering). This is useful to manipulate this.obj to add extra information before the template is rendered.
  • Obviel Forms now uses a special view for the iface obviel_forms_error_area to render error areas. You can define a view and render your own error area. In this view create an element with id this.obj.field_error_id to hold the field error message, and an element with id this.obj.global_error_id to hold the global error message.
  • Obviel Forms now sends an event soon as an error message is set or cleared. The event names are field-error.obviel-forms, field-error-clear.obviel-forms, global-error.obviel-forms, global-error-clear.obviel-forms. The events are sent to the element on which the error message is rendered, and will bubble up (so you can catch them on a higher level). The target property of the event will also have a reference to the element on which the message was set.

0.11.1 (2012-01-14)

  • Last release changed the obviel forms translation domain from obviel_forms to obviel-forms, but forgot to adjust the forms code to take this into account.

0.11 (2012-01-13)

  • Added js.obviel Fanstatic integration.
  • Added Python-based obvielts test server for testing Obviel with a “live” test server.
  • Included jslex_prepare script to help with i18n process. See updated doc/i18n.txt for notes.
  • Updated translations to include support for obviel-forms-datepicker and obviel-forms-autocomplete.

0.10 (2011-11-04)

  • Obviel models may now have an iface or an ifaces property, but not both. ifaces may be a string instead of an array. This makes the common mistake to make a model object with iface not a mistake anymore.
  • Update test dependencies to newer version of jQuery and jQuery-ui. These are also used by the demo code. Made it so that the version number of dependencies not in the URL anymore, so that it’s easier to update in the future.
  • Included datatables as a dependency, though haven’t integrated code using it yet.
  • Add Obviel patterns multi, event and redirect to new obviel-patterns.js. See the pattern demo page in the documentation for a demo of these.
  • Integrate support for simple jGrowl messages in obviel-jgrowl.js; see the pattern demo page for examples.
  • Reorganized directory structure: everything, including tests and demos are in ‘src’ now, which in turn is included in the documentation so we can link to demos (and its dependencies) from there.

0.9.1 (2011-11-03)

  • Include form demo in documentation.

0.9 (2011-11-02)

Initial public release.